Data Salvage from Obsolete Media

Data Salvage

We have salvaged numerous systems and data from proprietary systems of a previously-unknown or obsolete format.
With in-house software engineering capabilities, we are able to write our own device drivers to access proprietary or legacy devices, or file systems that are not recognisable by any other means.

If you need data that currently resides in any proprietary format on any medium, that may have been deemed inaccessible or unrecoverable by another company, we would welcome the opportunity to examine the medium or data and offer our opinion.


We are able to reverse-engineer unsupported data or databases and extract the data to a format that your existing systems can understand.

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We are constantly updating our equipment and writing a new software, and we have numerous systems capable of accessing and reading a huge array of hardware that has foiled other companies.


We have successfully recovered obsolete and proprietary data from old Linux, UNIX or Apple systems, from MO WORM discs such as the Pioneer DC-502A, and early MS-DOS or DR-DOS systems with similar dated and unsupported storage devices.


If you are considering application retirement, we will port your data from the obsolete system to a format that your new systems can read and interrogate.


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